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Add a Trunk to FreePBX using PJSIP


1. Login to your FreePBX Installation and in the top menu go Connectivity -> Trunks. Click on the Add Trunk button and select Add SIP (chan_pjsip) Trunk.

2. Enter the Username and Password of your Crazytel SIP Trunk.

3. Make sure Authentication is set to Outbound and Registration is set to Send.

4. Enter the Domain of the trunk and the Port as 5060.


5. Under the Advanced tab, make sure that `from domain` is set to the domain. You can also set Outbound Proxy, if needed, here as well.

To finalise the process you will need to setup the Outbound Routes to use this trunk and setup an Inbound Route for your DID. If the DID is set to Device in the Crazytel portal, set up the Inbound Route for the SIP endpoint username. If the DID is set to Server set up the Inbound Route for the DID in E164 format (61712341234).


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