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VitalPBX Trunk Provisioning Guide


Before adding the SIP Truck to VitalPBX , please make sure you have created an Extension and added your Phone.

1. Login to your VitalPBX instance and in the left hand menu go PBX -> External -> Trunks.


2. On the new page, select/enter the following details, then click Save:
- Description: Used to identify trunk (can be anything).
- Codecs: We recommend using ulaw, alaw and g729.
- Simultaneous Calls: obtained from Crazytel portal.
- Get DID From: To
- Get CID From: From

Device for Outgoing Calls (Peer)
- Local Username: Crazytel SIP Trunk Username.
- Remote Host: Crazytel SIP Trunk Domain.
- Local Secret: Crazytel SIP Trunk Password.
- Insecure: Port, Invite
- Remote Username: username obtained from Crazytel.
- Remote Secret: password obtained from Crazytel.

You can also set your calls to Route to the Extension you setup earlier under the Device for Incoming Calls (User) section under this General tab


You will now be able to make and receive calls through your Crazytel service.

If you experience any issues, please check out VitalPBX Quick Tips guides.


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