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How To Purchase & Setup a Number


1. If you aren't already logged in, head to our portal ( and login with your credentials. If you haven't signed up you can also do that here.


2. Once logged in, go Number Management -> Buy A Number in the left-hand menu.

3. From the drop-down menus select the type of number you wish to purchase. Once you have selected a number click the Buy Now button that corresponds to the number you want.


4. Select an Address from the drop-down to assign to the number you just selected. Then click Assign.


5. To start receiving calls through this number you will need to assign it to a SIP Trunk. On the Edit DID Details page select the Type of Forwarding and Forwarding Destination as per your requirements. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Type of ForwardingForwarding Destination
Disable - this will disable to DIDField will be disabled
Device - sends the call as the SIP Trunk username and is useful for configuring a soft-phone or ATA.Select the SIP Trunk from a drop-down
Server - sends the call as the DID number, which is more suitable for a PBXSelect the SIP Trunk from a drop-down
URI - forward your DID via SIP URIUse a URI such as {E164} (with a literal {E164}) to send the number in international format (e.g. 61370101234), or {alphanumeric}@ to point to a particular full URI. You must include the port and must not prefix the URI with sip:

Call Forwarding - sending calls to another numberif forwarding to a Mobile or Landline please enter the number in 61 format and in international format for international numbers e.g. 0011(Country code)(Number) *Charges Apply


Congratulations! You have now purchased and setup your first number.


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