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Grandstream ATA Setup Guide


1. Connect the Grandstream ATA device to the phone, power and an ethernet cables. For this guide I will be using the Grandstream HT802.

2. To check the check the IP Address to log into the ATA device dial ***. You will then hear a voice menu prompting you to "Enter the menu option". Press 02 to hear the IP Address.

3. After entering the IP address in the web browser, you will see a log-in screen. The default username is password is:
- User Name: admin
- Password: admin


4. In the top menu click on the Port Number relating to the number you have the phone plugged into.

5. Enter the following details onto this page:
- Account Active: Yes
- Primary SIP Server: Crazytel SIP Trunk Domain.
- Outbound Proxy: same as Primary SIP Server.
- SIP User ID: Crazytel SIP Trunk Username.
- Authenticate ID: same as SIP User ID
- Authenticate Password: Crazytel SIP Trunk Password.
- Name: Used to identify the line/phone.


6. Scroll to the very bottom and click Apply.

You will now be able to make and receive calls through your Crazytel service. You can also check the check everything is working by going to the Status page and seeing that the handset is registered.



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