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Create Secure Fax with PGP & Outlook


To secure your faxes with Crazytel using PGP, please follow the sets below.

1. Go to and download the program. Follow the steps to install and make sure that GPGOL is selected (this must be installed)


2. The program Kleopatra will now be installed. Run this program.

3. You will now need to create a New Key Pair. If this is the first time running the program it will pop up asking your to create one, otherwise you can go File -> New Key Pair.


4. Select Create a personal OpenPGP key pair.

5. Enter your Name and Email Address and click Next.


6. You do not need to enter a passphrase, but if you choose not to anyone who has access to the computer can access the key pair.


7. Click Finish.

8. Right Click and Export the key you just created. Open this file with Notepad.


9. Go to the Crazytel Portal and in the left hand menu go to Secure Fax -> Configure.

10. Click the Create Secure Fax button in the top right corner.


11. Fill out the details below:
- SECURE FAX NAME - A unique name used to easily identify the Fax.
- EMAIL ADDRESS - The email address the fax will be received on.
- PDF PASSWORD - Add additional security by added in password to the PDF Files. This is optional.
- PGP KEY - Paste the PGP key you have open in Notepad.

12. Click Submit.


13. You will now need to add the Secure Fax service to a DID. Go to Number Management -> My Numbers and click on the number you wish to us for Faxes. In the First Destination select Secure Fax and then in the Forwarding Destination select the secure service you just configured.


13. You will need to restart Outlook to ensure the PGP settings will take full effect. You should now be able to receive encrypted faxes.


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