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Android - How to Setup CrazyPhone App


Setting up the CrazyPhone App is very simple and will only take a couple of minutes before you can start making and receiving calls through Crazytel.

  • Download the CrazyPhone App
Search in Google Play Store using keywords such as “Crazytel” or “CrazyPhone. Once you have located the App - install App. Once installed, follow the instructions and give the App the permissions needed so the App can be used to its full potential.

  • Setting up the App to work with your Sip Trunk.
Now that you have installed the App, you will have the ability to scan a QR code. This can be found inside your Self-Service Portal. SIP Trunks > Click on the little QR code next to the SIP Trunk you would like to configure on your APP.

If you have not created a SIP Trunk please Click here for instructions.

Please Note: By Generating a QR Code, This will change the password of the SIP Trunk. Please make sure, you are not using a SIP Trunk that is already in use by another Device/System/Softphone.

  • Scanning the QR Code.
Once you have created a QR code you can scan it with your mobile with the CrazyPhone App. Once scanned that's it! You have officially set up your CrazyPhone App!

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